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A Measure of Flexibility

Not all that long ago I got an email about scheduling for an event. There were lots of moving parts and pieces, and the author of the email ended the note with a reminder: This will require a measure of flexibility. 

The phrase stuck with me. It brought a clarity to the way I’ve been feeling that I didn’t know was possible. It hit me like a punch in the gut. Does this happen to you? 

I wrote awhile ago about self doubt. I hate to admit that I haven’t totally kicked this looming feeling, but I’m coping. I realized getting through this rut is requiring me to have a measure of flexibility. Being flexible and trying new things in my job helps overcome moments of feeling like I can’t possibly do everything well. Being flexible means adjusting timelines and managing my workday in new and creative ways. Beating self doubt requires a measure of flexibility. 

Last year my husband picked up a few extra responsibilities at work. These things typically don’t mess up his already irregular schedule, except in June. I completely forgot how odd his schedule gets this month. I’m uncertain where he is when and what that means for our household. Some nights he’s gone until after I leave for work. Some nights he gets home around 3 AM. Sometimes he goes to work during the day like a normal person. He usually doesn’t know until a couple of days before hand. His June schedule requires a measure of flexibility. 

I like to design my summer. I have a summer reading project, a hometown bucket list, a list of adventures I want to have while the weather is nice. I like to be rigid in my goal setting, but I can’t do that in the summer. “Read outside everyday” sounds like I fun goal, but when I say everyday I mean everyday, and will feel like a failure if everyday doesn’t happen. Tonight I had plans to read on the deck, but as I write this I hear thunder in the distance and rain on the windows. Yesterday was perfect with crystal clear sky and sun, but it so happens I was sick in bed. My summer goals require a measure of flexibility. 

It can be easy to feel uptight when your calendar is full and your headspace is crammed. For me, these situations make me want to cling to plans and control until my fingers are numb, knuckles white. But that has never made anything easier. 

Right now what is helping me is remembering to approach each situation with a measure of flexibility – reminding myself that there are many ways to complete a task, pros and cons to every situation, and that every season will pass eventually. So this summer, whether I’m looking at my calendar or lounging in the sun, I’m going to approach each day with a measure of flexibility. 

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