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I love Minnesota, and I’m happy to call this state home. However, I’m a whiney Minnesotan. Oh, I know all Minnesotans complain about winter. It’s kind of our thing. But I also complain about summer - I get heat exhaustion easily and the humidity isn’t great for that - and I don’t usually jump for joy about spring either. I love fall! It may be short, but to me it’s perfect. I could live in eternal autumn.

But as far as the non-fall seasons go, clearly I need an attitude adjustment.

This year, I got one. A coworker commented about how she loves spring because everything comes back to life. Trees bloom, the grass turns from brown to green, and students come or from their dorms and do homework outside lying in the grass. Flowers start appearing everywhere and people stop to chat again, not rushed by subzero windchill. It’s a new beginning.

How lovely. A time for new beginnings. A time for slowing down and noticing all the beauty literally coming back to life before your eyes. A time to reconnect and appreciate everyone and everything around you. I think I may start to love spring.

Last fall we planted some trees in our yard. We live in a newish neighborhood, so unfortunately big old trees aren’t there yet. But we planted a few maples and I prayed all winter they would make it.

And what do you know?! In typical spring fashion, one has sprouted its first leaves. I’ve never seen such beauty. I’m over the moon at this new beginning. For this tree, and for my new outlook.

Happy spring!

P.S. After a winter that lasted until mid April, I’m making a vow to appreciate summer fully and not whine about the heat. I’m ready to break out my sunhat and stay extra hydrated!

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