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My Favorite Things: Framebridge

In my reading nook at home hang two beautiful prints I bought in Paris. The first a print of the Eiffel Tower I bought when I visit with college friends in 2012, and the second of the Lourve from our honeymoon in 2015. Total I paid less than two euro for these momentos, but I loved them. Sadly, they just sat neatly rolled in the corner of a closet because I couldn’t find frames to fit them, and I couldn’t afford the astonishing price tag of our local frame shop.

Enter Framebridge.

I first heard about Framebridge from an advertisement in a podcast. I was intrigued, and also a bit skeptical. Select your frame, upload your photos or mail in your art, and it would come back to you professionally done with everything needed to hang it properly. All for significantly less than your local frame shop. Hmmm…

It sounds good, but what if my lovely art from abroad was crushed or lost in the mail? After getting a coupon code from the podcast ad, I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t likely my art would be destroyed, and even if it was I wasn’t enjoying it from it’s spot in my closet anyway. I selected matching gold frames for me prints, and submitted my order.

Framebridge sent me a mailing tube to put my prints in. It came quickly with step by step instructions for how to make sure the prints got back to them safely. It also came with a sheet to fill out to tell them the story behind the items I was sending in, which I thought was super neat! I sent my art away, and patiently waited for my final product to arrive.

A few days after I sent my Paris prints to Framebridge, I got an email asking about my order. One print was just slightly larger than the other, and customer service was asking if I preferred the prints to be the same size. I did, and when I clarified they gave me recommendations for how to make that happen. I’m so glad they asked! I would have been disappointed if my photos came back in two different sizes, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed myself.

It took awhile for my framed prints to arrive, but it was worth it. I couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked! Framebridge wasn’t inexpensive, but it was much less than a frame shop, and the fact that I can now enjoy the art on my wall instead of feeling a pang of guilt whenever I open the storage closet is invaluable.

For my husband’s birthday this year I sent two of his favorite coins from his coin collection to Framebridge. He was thrilled! Again, these were treasured items that sat in storage because there was no good way to display them. It makes me so happy to see these Framebridge creations on my walls everyday.  It really is special to have something you love beautifully displayed!

Interested? To learn more about the idea behind Framebridge, listen to founder Susan Tynan on the How I Built This podcast.

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