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The Joy of Routine

Last month we spent a long weekend in Savannah, Georgia to escape the cold, dark days of the Minnesota winter. It was perfect - wonderful, relaxing and restorative. And, like every vacation I’ve ever been on, I felt a little bit relieved when it was time to come home.

I love familiarity. I watch the same shows over and over again. If I love a book you can guarantee I’ve read it more than once (or a dozen times). I order the same thing at my favorite restaurants. I make the same meals multiple times a month. I run the same route with my dog on the same days each week.

I find all this familiarity equally comforting and exciting. But I realize for some this seems, well, boring.

I love to travel, but when I arrive in a new place I feel uncomfortable at first. It takes me a little while before I feel at home. Because I love home, I love this feeling of settling in. I love creating routines and cultivating the routines I have. I know this sounds dull on the surface, but I don’t think it has to be.

I love being someplace new, but I also love and appreciate my everyday. I live a life worth being extremely grateful for, and I appreciate the rhythms my life holds. When I have set routines, I am more open and prepared to experiencing the moments - both big and small - that are out of the ordinary. I’m better able to notice intricacies when I’m not distracted by decision fatigue and low level chaos.

Set routines create space for joy to shine through. So simple, but what a delight.

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