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Ask for Help

Do you always feel busy or overwhelmed? Is there too much to do and not enough time to do it well? Do you leave a list of tasks undone everyday that ends up making you feel uneasy - or even guilty - when you clock out and try to relax?

We’ve all been there, and it stinks big time. What stinks even more is that sometimes we get the feeling that society rewards this behavior. If you’re not frazzled and behind and sleep deprived are you even trying hard enough? This message makes me sad every time I hear it.

Years ago I read the line, “There’s no heroism in not taking care of yourself.” It has stuck with me.

How do you unbury yourself from that icky feeling of being behind and tired and haggard? It seems impossible, and at times even thinking about how to reach a place if relaxation seems like too big a task to take on.

I think the answer is so simple we often overlook it. Ask for help.

Ask sometime to take just one thing off your plate. Thank them for doing so. Most people are happy to help. Maybe in an ideal world we would be able to anticipate one another's needs so well we wouldn’t need to ask for help because everyone would just know to step in. However, that’s not reality. People might not even realize you’re feeling stressed. Simply ask.

Sometimes you don’t need help with a task, though. Sometimes you’re just feeling a little stuck. You know you need help but you aren’t sure what you need help with. How do you ask for help then? Instead of asking for help for a specific thing, ask a friend if you can talk through what’s on you mind with them. Sometimes the process of saying your thoughts out loud clarifies what’s really bothering you.

It’s possible that through this conversation you’ll figure out what you could ask for help with, or maybe you’ll discover all you really needed was a good chat. Your friend may also be able to offer help in the way of advice, clarity and support.

If you’re feeling stretched to thin, ask for help. Take care of yourself. It will be worth it.  

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