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A Weekend in Sunny Savannah

My husband and I like to sneak away to someplace warm and sunny for a few days every winter when it’s possible. We are hoping to travel abroad at the end of the year, so we were going to stay home this winter and just grin and bare it.

As I write this a blizzard rages outside. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a snow day tomorrow...on April 16. Needless to say, I’m so glad we changed our minds and jetted off to Savannah, Georgia for a long weekend in early March.

I love Minnesota, and I’m very glad to live here. True, winter isn’t my favorite part of Minnesota, but I understand that it’s part of the deal. Even the occasional painfully long winter like we’re having now. Instead of being sad about this particular April snowstorm, I’m revisiting my favorite places of sunny Savannah. I’m sharing them with you in hopes that it might brighten your day a bit, too - blizzard or not!

Three Favorites About Savannah, Georgia

Walking around the city is easy and so so beautiful


Savannah is set up in squares, each one a unique park. It’s easy to walk around and just wander. In fact, we spent a whole day doing this. We started at the riverfront, which is marked with plaques that one can read to learn some history. From there we wandered around the squares visiting shops and parks and enjoying the warm sun on our shoulders. We loved Forsyth Park, and revisited several times throughout the weekend. If you visit Savannah, make sure you take the time to wander.

My favorite finds from our wandering include Leopold’s Ice Cream and E. Shaver Fine Books.

Live Oaks


I know I know - “You travelled all the way to Georgia and your favorite sight to see was a tree?” Yes. Yes it was. I have no shame. The trees and other flowering plants we saw at every corner were green and old and beautiful. It was a wonderful sight to a plant lover who has only seen snow covered pines for the past several months. I especially loved the beautiful live oaks at Wormsloe Historic Site.



One summer I worked as a “Hospitality Student Worker” for a center that hosted visitors for week-long writing seminars. We were responsible for setting up meals, making sure the spaces were clean and comfortable, and answering any questions guests might have. At the end of one seminar, a participant thanked us for our work. I’ll never forget it. He said, “Hospitality isn’t sexy and often goes overlooked, but we all miss it when it’s not there. Thanks for truly outstanding hospitality.”

I agree wholeheartedly, and everywhere we went in Savannah, people were so friendly. The staff at The Marshall House were especially helpful. So much so that I never wanted to leave. Many places we’ve travelled are more friendly than not, but in Savannah it was especially noticeable, and it was greatly appreciated!


I hope if you’re like me - currently stuck in a blizzard in April - you can escape to someplace warm, even if it’s only in you memories.

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