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National Pet Day

Something that never ceases to fascinate me is people’s relationships with their pets. I think I’ve known since a young age something that I couldn’t articulate until adulthood – pets offer a companionship that another human being simply can’t. It’s a unique bond, something a little bit magical.


Of course not everyone has pets, or even likes animals. But if that’s you, I bet you know someone who has this type of connection to their pet. A pet can be so much more than an animal in your house. Is it too dramatic to say I find it a little bit magical?

We have two pets at our house – Bart the Russian tortious and our goldendoodle Harvey.

Bart was a companion to my husband when he lived in a cabin in the woods by himself for a year in college. It’s always been a comfort to have Bart roaming around his tank, even if he is a pretty chill pet.


I’ve always loved dogs, but I never truly understood how strong the friendship could be until we got Harv. My husband and I often work opposite shifts, and although I love my alone time, I would be completely lost without my dog.


After my husband got his job we moved into our house, and we didn’t get Harvey until about four months later. I didn’t realize until later how lonely those four months were. I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about that time and she mentioned, “You seem better now. I could tell how lonely you were before. It didn’t seem great.” Having the house all to myself for nights on end was much more bearable with a friend, which may seem odd considering that friend can’t speak.

For me, the silent presence is enough to keep me company. It’s someone to go on a walk with or sit next to while I read. Of course Harv isn’t always a silent presence. He gets into his fair share of mischief. For two strongly introverted people, we certainly picked the most extroverted dog known to man to add to our family. It’s better that way for all involved.

Happy national pet day. Whatever pet you have in your life, take the time today to tell them you love them, and share with the world one of the many things you appreciate about your pet. I’m sure the reasons are endless!

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