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Introvert's Book Club: November Reading

November was a very busy month with work events and the start of the holiday season. I did get lots of reading done, however. One good thing about a full month is that I was too tired to do anything but read in my downtime. I also discovered the Libby App. If you're a fan of audiobooks, this app is like an early Christmas present. You can get audiobooks from your library right on your phone, and listen anywhere. Magic! 

New Titles

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I might be the only person who didn't see the movie this summer, but I read the first in this trilogy for book club this month. I really enjoyed it! I liked the perspectives of different characters, the outlandish shopping sprees and the vivid descriptions of Singapore. The second and third books are on my Christmas list.


In the Woods by Tana French

This is the first of the Dublin Murder Squad series, but this isn't a series one must read in order. I read The Likeness a couple years ago and didn't like it at all. But when a colleague talked about how much she loved the series, I thought I'd try again. I'm glad I did. This book was spooky and captivating and the ending was so so creepy. I haven't read a good murder mystery in a long time, and this was a good book to read to jump back in. 


I'd Rather be Reading by Anne Bogle

This might be the most visually beautiful book I've ever seen. It's also an absolutely charming read. If you have lots of book-lovers in your life, this book of essays about the reading life would make the perfect gift. 

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

I love that Moriarty can tackle tough issues while also being downright hilarious. She did this effortlessly in this book. There were pages that were heartbreaking, and scenes where I laughed out loud. This book about an interesting stay at a health resort was disturbing in places, but no matter how odd things get it's worth reading for the ending. I loved the ending of this book. Big Little Lies will always be my favorite, but this one is worth your time as well. 


Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty

Truth be told I have a bit left to go on this one - our November kid-lit read. Willa is a great character, but I'll be honest this is a hard read for me. If you're sensitive about harm to animals, skip this. But if you can handle it and also enjoy a great adventure and beautiful descriptions of nature, this is for you.


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This audiobook was performed by a full cast, which I really enjoyed. This book was a little spooky, a little magical and very sweet. I cheered for Bod Owens throughout this whole story, and loved the characters from the graveyard. Also included in the audio was a note from Gaiman about how he came up with the idea for a book about a living boy who grows up in a graveyard. Fascinating!

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I think I was the only person who didn't read this book after Oprah recommended it, but better late than never I guess. This wasn't my favorite. Hearing about the author's divorce was especially painful, and I was hoping for more hiking how-to. I do admire the courage it must take to undergo such a venture. I certainly would whine a ton if my boots didn't fit for most of a months-long hike. 

December means a break from work and time reading in front of the Christmas tree. I hope you have a cozy winter filled with many great books to read. 


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