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It's no secret that one of my great joys in life is Harry Potter. This series played a huge and important role in my childhood, made me fall head over heals in love with reading, and still today serves as both an adventurous escape from the monotony of everyday life and a perfect comfort blanket for when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I love Harry Potter! Yay! 

I also really appreciate music. I'm not someone who listens to a lot of music, especially since podcasts have become popular. But when music can perfectly set the stage and make you feel a very specific emotion, I get emotional. It's why I cry listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. It's why I'm overcome with joy every time I remember how it felt to walk out of church newly married with the talented church pianist playing Lorie Line's edition of “Ode to Joy” with such unbridled enthusiasm. It's why movie scores are so important. 

If you've never listened to just the score from your favorite movie or TV show, I highly recommend you do. Even better? Listen live. Last year my college roommate (and fellow Harry Potter obsessive) and I went to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We've both seen the movie hundreds of times, but never like this. The Minnesota Orchestra was playing the score live with the film. 

It was beautiful. So beautiful that we went back again this year! It was the third movie this time, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and my husband Nick came with us too this time. At first, I hardly watch the movie. I'm distracted by all the people and instruments on stage. Are they really playing? How are they getting the timing so perfect? How have I never noticed that particular nuance in the music before? 

But then I start to notice the movie again. I watch and listen and all of a sudden I almost forget there is a live orchestra beneath the screen. I know the movie so well that I start to think “that sounds different” and I’m shocked all over again that there is a LIVE ORCHESTRA! (The caps are necessary. It’s truly amazing.)

If you never have before, look up the score to your favorite movie or show. Listen to the music, and  price how it makes you feel. It can be a whole new way to experience entertainment you love. It feels me with awe at what people can do. I’m grateful for talented musicians who helped me experience Harry Potter, a decades long favorite, in a new way. 

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