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Friday Favorites

I was surprised how quickly Friday showed up this week. The short work week threw me off, and now it’s the weekend again! I’m heading up north to see family and friends this weekend, but before I do, I want to share some of my favorite things from this week. Spoiler alert: a lot of it is book related this week, which is never a bad thing!

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The best healthy instagram accounts - The EveryGirl put together a wonderful list of instagram accounts that feature recipes and beautiful photography and videography of healthy meals and foods. I especially like that they include specific reasons why we should follow each account. I’m always game for more healthy recipes flooding my instagram feed.

Bookish Find:

After finishing the latest Chief Inspector Armand Gamache novel, I visited Louise Penny’s website to offset the immediate Three Pines homesickness that set in. I was delighted to find a pronunciation guide for the first several books. I hate to admit I’ve been pronouncing my favorite character’s name wrong for the whole series, but this audio guide was ultimately very helpful and informative.

Bookish Anticipation:

There are several books I can’t wait to read this fall, but there are three in particular I’m counting down the days for.

  1. Reading People by Anne Bogel
    I’ve already read this book, and loved it! I can’t wait for it to hit shelves so I can talk with more people about Anne’s insights on personality frameworks. There’s still fours day left to pre-order if you want to snag a free copy of the audiobook and a fun reading personality webinar.

  2. The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin
    I love Gretchen Rubin and have already found the four tendencies framework to be extremely helpful in both my personal and professional life. I can’t wait to get my hands on even more information about the four tendencies, and to read another book by Gretchen. I love that her writing style is conversational, like getting coffee with a friend and swapping stories.

  3. Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau
    My husband and I both really enjoy Chris’ daily podcast, Side Hustle School. I’m fascinated by his stories and lessons on how people create projects that generate extra income without spending too much time or money, and without quitting their day jobs. I’m looking forward to having a hand guide to reference should we come up with any great side hustle ideas at our house. Chris is also an interesting guy with tons of different experiences, so it’s fun to hear his perspective.

I’m off to pack for a weekend away. I hope you have a great end to the week!

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