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My Favorite Fall Recipes

It’s been cooler out this week. In the past it seems the transition from hot and humid to crisp and chilly has been gradual, but this year it happened fast. Am I just imagining this?

In Minnesota we can go from warm summer days to a snowstorm in the blink of an eye, so I try to take advantage of the chilly days where the leaves are red and orange and there isn’t yet snow on the ground.

I love this chilly weather! I’d rather be too cold than too hot, and I enjoy every minute of being outside when the temps are cool but not freezing. This is my favorite time of year to run and take Harvey on extra long walks, and I especially love to come home from my time outside to a warm meal.

We do a lot of cooking at our house. I love to meal plan and prep on Sunday afternoons, and when we have time to explore new recipes we dive into our cookbook collection. We try to be adventurous, but my husband and I are both familiarity lovers. This applies to food, especially in the fall when we’d rather be outside playing than inside deciding what to eat.


We have three meals we eat over and over again when the weather gets cool. During the cold months we have one of these at least once a week, and we’re still not sick of them.

Ancho Turkey Chili by Pinch of Yum

I love all the recipes from this site, but if I could only choose one to make again it would be this chili. We like it because it’s spicy, it makes THE BEST leftovers, and it’s delicious with or without toppings. We’ve made a big batch of this for parties before, and it’s a hit served with chips. It tastes just as good reheated in the crockpot as it does fresh, and this recipe gets bonus points for introducing us to farro. Yum!

Italian Chicken and Artichokes by Dick Sturza

This is likely my favorite recipe of all time. It’s easy to make, but feels really fancy. My husband likes it because there’s more than one meat. I like it because mushrooms and artichokes are two of my favorite things (also wine). This is good served over farro or brown rice, or served on its own with crusty bread. We like to top is with a little bit of grated parmesan cheese.

Potato Soup by Gimmie Some Oven

This is a classic potato soup recipe that you can easily make your own. That’s what I love about it. Ali gives you the base, and you can go crazy adding whatever else you’d like to this potato soup. We skip the bacon, add lots more onion, and go crazy with carrots, celery, and sometimes mushrooms. Broccoli and cauliflower are also fine additions. This meal is a treat on lazy Saturdays. It’s comforting and comes together quickly.

I hope to share more recipes from my kitchen this fall. Until then, give one of these a try to keep you warm when the temps start to cool down near you.

Questions: Do you have meals you eat over and over again at home, or are you always trying new recipes? What are your favorite recipes to keep you warm during the cooler months?

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