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Friday Favorites

After a week full of meetings, it’s finally Friday! Do you have any plans this weekend? I’m currently The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick, and I can’t wait to snuggle up this weekend and finish it. It’s only fitting that before a weekend spent reading my Friday favorites are all book related.

Friday Favorites 9.22.17.png

Epic libraries from around the world - I’d love to visit every single one of these libraries! These photos are beautiful, and each library shown is unique for a different reason. If I were hitting the road tomorrow, I think I’d head to the airport to get to that children’s library in Thailand.

How to support your favorite authors - This blog post lists free and simple ways to support the authors you love. Writing an online review (even a very short one), following an author on social media, and putting a copy of a book you love in a free little library are all things that make a big difference for the success of a book. Bonus: Anne talked about the behind the scenes of publishing on What Should I Read Next this week. So interesting!

Self care for a book blogger - I love Madeleine’s blog, and it’s growing so fast! I’m always interested in what people have to say about self-care, and I enjoyed Madeleine’s honesty in this post. I found this post to be especially interesting because I always wonder if reading would be less fun for me if I had deadlines and expectations set around what I read. Madeleine gave me a bit of insight into that world. Unrelated but relevant, you should follow Top Shelf Text on instagram. It’s social media paradise for book lovers.

Whether you’re staying in reading or heading out with friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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