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Introducing the Introvert's Book Club

I am so happy today is finally here! Not because it’s almost Friday, but because today is the first meeting of a new book club that I belong to. I’ve been looking forward to this day like I look forward to Christmas morning!

I’ve always wanted to be in a book club, but have never found one to join. So when a coworker came up with the great idea to start a book club with the other young women who work in our organization and live in the area, I immediately jumped on board. When we got an enthusiastic response to the idea, I was overjoyed. And I can’t wait for our first meeting tonight! I will try not to overwhelm people with my book joy, but I can’t make any promises.

In honor of my first official book club meeting later today, I want to share about the solo book club I discovered over the summer months.

This summer I set a goal to spend time reading outside while the weather was warm and the sun stayed out late, but I was craving a way to talk about what I was reading with others. I wanted to document my summer reading in some way, and I wanted the season and those books to feel meaningful. What I wanted was a book club, but I wouldn’t find my way to one until a few months later (today!!). I had to come up with something different.

Sometimes simply giving something a name makes it feel special, so I decided to name my outside reading time. What’s a good name for a book club that’s just one girl reading alone on the deck with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine?

The Introvert's Book Club

I started the Introvert’s Book Club as a fun way to mark my summer reading, but after I posted my solo club meetings on Instagram a few times friends started asking about it. “What is the Introvert’s Book Club reading this month?”, or “Do you have an Introvert’s Book Club meeting tonight?” I didn’t have an official book club, but I did have a new way to talk with people about books. I love it! My fellow introverts and I get our quiet reading time, and can seek one another out to talk books when we feel like it, all in the name of a book club.

 The Introvert's Book Club first official meeting!

The Introvert's Book Club first official meeting!

A friend and introverted book lover encouraged me to share about the Introvert’s Book Club here on Questioner Chronicles. I’m so thankful to this dear friend for the enthusiasm around this idea. It makes me feel like the Introvert’s Book Club has the potential to encourage more people to share what they’re reading and connect around the stories they love more often.

There’s something special about sharing the books you love with others. When you find someone who loves the same books you do, it’s an instant bond. Books are a great way to connect with others, and finding out why someone loves a certain book can really help you understand that person. As an introvert I’m not great with small talk, but I can chat with anyone about books. Book chatter is much more interesting than the weather.

 The Introvert's Book Club official mascot stole my reading spot!

The Introvert's Book Club official mascot stole my reading spot!

If you’re someone who loves reading and wants to share the books you love with others, I hope you’ll join me in the Introvert’s Book Club. As my friend encouraged me to get the Introvert’s Book Club out into the world, I encourage you to make an effort to connect with others around the books you’re reading - the ones you love, the one’s that make you think, the one’s that make you laugh and cry, and the ones you hold dear to your heart. Happy reading, everyone!

Questions: Are you a member of the Introvert’s Book Club? What books have you read that you just had to find someone to talk to about? What are you reading now? What’s next on your to be read list?

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