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Today is a very exciting day - Reading People Publishing Day!

Today is a very exciting day! Anne Bogel - blogger, podcaster, and book whisperer - has a book hitting shelves TODAY! Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything is a fun and informative read that gives a fresh look into several different personality frameworks. I was able to read an advanced copy of Reading People as a member of the launch team, and I’m confident that if you’re interested in personality you’ll enjoy this book.


It’s obvious to anyone who spends a little bit of time with me that I find personality frameworks interesting and worthwhile, but I realize not everyone feels this way. I’ve heard from some that they find personality frameworks overly simple, or that they feel it’s unhelpful to put people in a box, or that once you read a description you’re tricked into thinking it sounds like you. When I hear these critiques I’m reminded of these words from Isaiah Berlin:

Of course, like all over-simple classifications of this type, the dichotomy become, if pressed, artificial, scholastic and ultimately absurd. But if it is not an aid to serious criticism, neither should it be rejected as being merely superficial or frivolous: like all distinctions which embody any degree of truth, it offers a point of view from which to look and compare, a starting point for genuine investigation.
— Isaiah Berlin

In Reading People, Anne gives tons of examples from many different seasons of life of how personality frameworks have made her life better. From fighting right in marriage to understanding a child, Anne has truly demonstrated how these frameworks can make a difference. If you’re skeptical about personality frameworks, I think Anne will convince you of their merits. And if you’re already interested, you won’t want to miss this!

Go grab yourself a copy of Reading People, and get started! You’ll understand yourself and others better, and be happier for it. Bonus - this book is beautiful, and will be a lovely addition to your bookshelf. Happy reading!

Questions: Do you find personality frameworks useful, or do you find them to be too simple? Have you ever picked up a book because the cover was so pretty you couldn't pass it up?

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