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Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday! This week was strange. I spent most of Wednesday thinking it was Tuesday. After a co-worker set me straight shortly before the end of the day, my mind suddenly decided the next day was Friday instead of Thursday. I’m not quite sure where my head's at, but I am sure today is in fact Friday. I wanted to share a few quick favorites from this busy week.

Friday Favorites 9.15.17.png


Parenting the Good Kids and the Odd Ones Out - Anne’s posts on Modern Mrs. Darcy are always rich and thought provoking, but this one left me speechless and I’ve thought about it almost non stop since I read it on Wednesday. I’m a typical “good kid” - easy as a child but likely to melt down in my thirties. My friends tell me I’m crazy, but since about 23 I’ve been really looking forward to turning 30. Now I’m not so sure. What will my melt down be in my thirties? I’m hoping it’s of the “spontaneously moves across the globe” variety rather than a serious bout of doubt and uncertainty. Only time will tell.

How Qualifiers Undermine Your Confidence - At a work event earlier this week I offhandedly said “Oh that’s just mine…” about something. Someone told me very directly (yet very kindly) to never say “just” in front of my name, and I knew immediately she was right. I stumbled upon this article later that night. Using qualifiers is a weakness of mine. I’m glad I was called out for doing so. It’s one thing to read about the consequences, it’s another to know that people notice the behavior.


As I said before, this week was strange and busy. But it would have been much more hectic if we would have had to meal plan, grocery shop, and meal prep this week. Thanks to HelloFresh we got to skip the heavy lifting for meals this week without spending a fortune eating out or settling for unhealthy fast foods.

We get a box from HelloFresh just one week a month when my husband has a seven day stretch of shifts at work. These weeks are always busy and taking one thing off our plates helps out so much. I hope to share more about HelloFresh in the future, but the short story is that it’s convenient, delicious, and we love it.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, and a great weekend planned. Enjoy!

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