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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to September! There’s still a little summer left for us, so I hope you can get out and enjoy it. Before you head out for a fun holiday weekend, I wanted to share some favorites from around the web this week.

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Ridiculous things millennials get blamed for - Lindsey Pollak is a millennial workplace expert, and this humorous list make me laugh. I’m a millennial, and according to this list I am responsible for the death of everything from bar soap to knowing about cows. If you’re a millennial feeling a little sad about all the negativity thrown at our generation, read this for a pick me up.

The plus side of pursuing a side project - This short article lists ways that having a side project can make a positive difference in many different areas of your life. In fact, a few of the reasons listed are reasons I’m enjoying working on this website! It’s fun and satisfying to learn new skills and have an outlet for interests that exist outside my day job.


Can Treatment Adherence Be Improved by Using Rubin's Four Tendencies Framework to Understand a Patient's Response to Expectations - Is it too dorky to post a research paper on here? I’m doing it anyway! Karger Publishers Biomedicine Hub took a scholarly look into Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies framework and how it can be applied to patients who need stick to a treatment plan. I’m a Gretchen Rubin superfan, and have found the four tendencies to be extremely helpful in both my personal and professional life, so of course I was interested to read this. I also just enjoy this type of research.


Masala Sauce from Pinch of Yum - This is SO GOOD. I made the masala paste a while ago, and because the recipe makes much more than you need for one serving, we’ve made this sauce once a week or more for the past month. YUM! We use greek yogurt instead of coconut milk, but do whatever is easiest for you. We like this sauce with chicken, chickpeas, white sticky rice, and naan from the artisan bakery near my office.

Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy this last fun weekend of summer.

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