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Book Review: Reading People by Anne Bogel

It’s always exciting when a writer you love announces a new project. It’s even more exciting when one of your favorite writers announces a new project that happens to be a book about one of your own personal favorite topics. When I heard that blogger Anne Bogel was writing a book about personality frameworks, I literally jumped for joy! I LOVE (yes, the capital letters are necessary) having a book to look forward to, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on “Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything.”

I’m happy to be a member of the Reading People launch team, where I was able to read an advanced copy of the book and share my excitement about what I read. Anne - who blogs over at Modern Mrs. Darcy and hosts the fabulous What Should I Read Next podcast - is smart, insightful, and totally honest. She tells personal stories to demonstrate several different personality frameworks and how they’ve been useful in understanding herself and her family and friends.

If you’re curious about personality frameworks, start with Reading People. You’ll learn about StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram, just to name a few. The book officially hits shelves September 19, but you can pre-order now to get some pretty great pre-order bonuses. Pretty great as in a super fun webinar about different reading personalities (tons of book recommendations included!) and a free audio download of the book. Thanks, Anne!

I learned a lot about myself from Reading People. I knew my type for most of the frameworks before I started reading, but Anne offered a fresh take on why I am the way I am. She also helped me better understand my husband, friends and co-workers. For example, I finally gained clarity into why I struggle during meetings at work. More on that in an upcoming post, because it was a HUGE realization for me. It’s really fun and very helpful to look at the world through the frameworks Anne lays out in her book. 

I could sing my praises for Reading People all day, but I’ll stop. Instead I’ll share with you my very favorite quote from the book. Anne says:

So many young people may feel they’re a mess, especially if they’re one of the rarer types. When a person identifies and learns about their type, they discover it’s okay to be themselves.
— Anne Bogel, Reading People

When I read this I felt encouraged and relieved. If I had to sum up Reading People in one line, it would be “Reading People - how learning your personality type as a twenty something can help you overcome feeling like a hot mess.”

I hope you’ll check out Reading People. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Questions: What’s your favorite personality framework? Have you found personality frameworks to be helpful at work or at home?

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