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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How has your week been? I thought this week flew by, and now I’m ready for the weekend. Before we all dive into the weekend, I wanted to share this week’s favorite finds from around the web.



Here's How Many Books You Could Read Every Month If You Cut Back Time Spent on Your Smartphone - This was eye opening. I think of myself as someone who reads a lot, but I know I would benefit from putting my phone down more often. I appreciate that the article gives book recommendations to fill your new 118 hours a month of reading time.

We Need a Better Way to Talk About Red Blends - My husband and I have a lot in common, but don’t typically agree on drinks. He prefers beer, and I prefer wine. I have never had a beer I like (I’m working on it!), but he does like some red blends, so we’ve been drinking more red wine lately. According to this article, we need to start paying attention to what types of grapes make up the red blends we like. This was a fun and interesting read for any fellow wine lovers.

Something Fun:

The Harry Potter Character For Your Myers-Briggs Type - I’m Snape, and the description is pretty accurate. I know this isn’t a scholarly MBTI source, but it’s fun. Who doesn’t want to know which Harry Potter character shares their personality traits? Thanks to a work friend who totally gets me for sending this my way!


This week’s epilogue episode of By The Book - I have enjoyed every week of this podcast so far, but I especially liked the episode last week on “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Even better was the follow up epilogue episode. In By The Book, Kristen and Jolenta choose a self help book to live by for two weeks.

It’s mostly hilarious with some really thoughtful, emotional moments thrown in. They alternate each week with a full episode where they live by the rules of a self-help book and a follow up epilogue episode. This week’s epilogue was insightful, smart, and of course funny and entertaining.

Enjoy the weekend! I hope it’s great!

What are the last three things you did that you loved?

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