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What's your idea of luxury?

If someone asked me what my idea of luxury is, I think my answer would be: flowers in the house all year round.
— May Sarton

This quote from May Sarton came up on my page-a-day calendar months ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Flowers in the house all year long would be a wonderful treat for many people, but it doesn’t fit with what we usually see described as “luxury”. I think the most important part of Sarton’s quote is “...my answer would be…” It’s different for everyone.

I started to make a list in my head of my idea of luxury. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now, and I realize nothing on my list unattainable. Each item is actually pretty simple.

Clean sheets

I love clean sheets fresh from the laundry and still warm from the dryer. I especially enjoy this luxury when paired with an early bedtime and a good book.


My house is full of succulents, and houseplants in general, and if I ever leave Minnesota I hope I can live somewhere with a climate that supports a yard full of succulents all year long. I’m not great at gardening, but I can tend to (admittedly low maintenance) succulents like nobody’s business. I like that they’re sturdy and that each one is unique. Also, there are so many beautiful shades of green. It gives me a happiness boost just to admire the different colors of each of the succulents in my house.

Fresh Flowers

I agree with May Sarton that fresh flowers seem completely luxurious. I really enjoy fresh flowers in a vase on the side table by our sofa or on our dresser. They’re beautiful and really brighten up a room. We don’t have them often, so when we do it feels extra special. My favorites are lilies and tulips.  

Really good, strong coffee and lots of time to drink it

Extra credit if there’s a good book (again) or a friend to chat with involved. My in-laws live on a beautiful lake in northern Minnesota, and when we go visit we have coffee in the morning on the deck looking out at the lake. I’ve commented more than once on these mornings that I feel like I’m on a luxury vacation. Coffee really is love in a mug.

A fancy pen and a beautiful notebook

I’ve found this to be a luxury since I was a child. I used to prefer gel pens and a Lisa Frank notebook. Now days, I prefer black steadtler pens or paper mate flair marker pens and a May Designs bullet journal.

Inbox Zero

This happens maybe twice a year, but I get a deep sense of satisfaction from leaving work on a Friday afternoon with NO EMAILS in my inbox. It takes some time to file, delete, or reply to tons of emails, but I love this.

I have co-workers who wouldn’t dream of having inbox zero, which proves that everyone’s luxury list is different.

The opening song of a show

I get chills every time. It’s so exciting to see such talent. It seems effortless, which means it took an extraordinary amount of work. It’s a luxury for me to see something like that live.

As I look at this list I realize that if I planned ahead, I could experience my idea of luxury on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.

Questions: What is your idea of luxury? What could you do today to experience your idea of luxury? Would getting to inbox zero seem luxurious to you?

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