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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! The weekend is starting soon, and I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. I wanted to share some things I’ve enjoyed from around the web this week.


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How to manage someone who thinks everything is urgent - I don’t manage people at work, but I do fall prey to a false sense of urgency from time to time. This was a really interesting article with lots of advice for offsetting an unnecessary sense of urgency.  

Older millennials are more millennial than millennials - I stumbled across this article after having a conversation with a colleague about this very topic. I think there are a lot of positive things about millennials that go unnoticed, and I’ve always been interested in conversations about the different generations, so I found this article very fun and interesting.


VinePair - A big thanks to my best work friend for introducing me to this beautiful account filled with spectacular photos of wine, food (think olives and fancy cheese), and breathtaking landscapes. My wanderlust grows every post I see.


Mexican Quinoa - Yum! I heard about this recipe at work, and made it shortly thereafter. Delicious and made lots of leftovers, which always gets bonus points at our house.

Enjoy your weekend! Do you have anything exciting on the agenda?

What's your idea of luxury?

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