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Weekend Routines

Happy Sunday! Are you having a good weekend? As someone who loves routines, I especially appreciate weekends and the different activities they bring. If there were no weekends, I would easily fall into a very boring rut of doing the exact same thing day in and day out. There’s nothing wrong with routines, but with no weekends to shake things up, I know I’d fail to appreciate the luxury of my routines.

Weekends can have a routine of their own, and I look back on weekend routines with pleasure.   When I was really little, my dad would bundle my siblings and I into the bike trailer, and we’d bike around town running errands and stopping for a bakery treat while my mom was at work. I don’t actually remember this weekend routine, but I’ve heard about it time and time again. I can perfectly imagine it, and I’m guessing this routine is responsible for my love of chocolate cake donuts.

When I was a little bit older (old enough to actually have memories of my own and to ride my own bike) we would stop what we were doing shortly before noon on Saturday, pile into the car, and go pick my mom up at work and go out for lunch. We’d take turns each weekend going into my mom’s workplace to find her and let her know we were ready. It’s funny, I don’t think my mom worked every Saturday, but I remember this weekend routine as a constant throughout my adolescence. Again, I value routine.

In college my weekend routine included getting as much homework and studying done as possible on Friday evening and Saturday morning so it wouldn’t be hanging over my head while I tried to enjoy the weekend. It also became part of the routine to binge watch “Friends” while sipping coffee in bed after breakfast on Sundays. There was a certain peace in getting to relax so deeply while everyone else went to the library. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to spend my fair share of Sundays studying, too.

I find that every weekend is a little bit different in this twenty something stage of life. There are lots of weddings, baby showers, and reunions to attend. My husband works a lot of weekends. We live far away from most of our friends so after work happy hours are swapped for Saturday lunches at the halfway point. Summers are for making the trek up to my in-laws lake place, while winters are for shoveling and dreaming of summers at the lake. Weekends differ week to week, but I consider my routine to take place on weekends with nothing to do, where nothing is the best plan we could possibly imagine.

Both my husband and I are typical introverts. We enjoy our down time to think, reflect and recharge. When he’s home on a weekend and we don’t have anywhere to be, our routine is easy and simple: Sleep in. Make egg bake for brunch and sip endless cups of coffee while we eat and chat. Meal plan and do a grocery run. Read or write (me) and research sports cars (him). Take the dog on a walk. Go for a run or to the gym. Do chores and projects around the house. Clean. Meal prep for the week, eat dinner, call our parents. Watch re-runs of our favorite shows or an Avengers movie for the zillionth time. Read some more and go to bed early because I consider an early bed time one of the greatest luxuries in life.

This weekend was one of my routine weekends, my favorite kind. I hate to call what I do on these weekends “nothing”. I think of them as leisurely productivity. We relax and recharge, but get items crossed off the to do list. There’s no time limit on anything, which means I can take my time in finishing a novel or chopping veggies. I can go out for a run when I feel like it, and run as fast or as slow as I want because there’s no “next up” on the agenda. Oh how I love weekends like these.

Sometimes these weekends are rare, and sometimes they feel typical. It depends on the season. But I know they won’t last forever. There will be a stage of life when I look back on them with pleasure, like I do with the Saturday stops to pick up my mom for lunch. So for now I’ll enjoy them, and go pour myself that fourth cup of coffee.

Questions: What did you do this weekend? Do you have a weekend routine? Do weekends feel a lot different from the rest of the week, or do they blend into your Monday through Friday time?

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