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Friday Favorites

This Friday is well deserved. This week has been long and I’m so ready for a break. Tonight’s glass of wine and uninterrupted reading time will be a life saver, but first I want to share a few things that got me through the week. Happy Friday, finally!

Friday Favorites 12.8.2017.png


A thoughtful co-worker stopped by my desk this week to show me an Instagram photo of some beautifully detailed Parks and Recreation themed cookies from The Cookie Creative. I immediately followed the account, and have been scrolling through the photos of these exceptional cookies all day. It’s art you can eat!


Why Gen X might be our last best hope - Full disclosure, my boss shared this article with me. She’s a brilliant Xer who knows I love generational studies. Millennials like me should deeply appreciate Xers. They do the work, no matter what happens around them. This article may come across as dark to some, but I feel comforted knowing a sense of dread might save us all.

Household Item

This dorky headlamp can be filed under things that are saving my sanity right now. During this time of year where daylight is limited, I need this light if I want to go outdoors when I’m home from work during the week. I need fresh air, which seems tricky when it gets dark so early Thank you, headlamp, for allowing me to walk the dog safely in the pitch black darkness of 5 PM.

Enjoy your weekend. May it be peaceful and refreshing.

Some Midweek Inspiration

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