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It's the last Friday of 2017 - Friday Favorites and Updates

Happy Friday - our last Friday of 2017. I’ve loved having the past couple of weeks to attend holiday parties, celebrate with family, and catch up with wonderful lifelong friends. I’ve also spent lots of time thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2018. Today for Friday Favorites I want to share the tools I’ve found helpful in planning for the new year, and what I have planned for Questioner Chronicles in 2018.

Friday Favorites for a New Year

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I’m not really a “new year’s resolution” kind of person. I can’t remember ever loving the idea of one thing to work on during a year. I do, however, love planning, reflection, and having a focus for the year. In the past, I’ve tried two different methods of planning for the new year that have proven helpful.

Choose a one word theme for the year - I’ve heard this idea from lots of people, but love the discussion about it on the Happier Podcast. It’s helpful to choose a one word theme because it gives an area of focus for goals and can guide decision making throughout the year.

What worked? What didn’t? - Anne Bogel strikes again with her brilliant, simple way to reflect on the year behind and plan for the year ahead. I find this new year’s planning method helpful because it allows you to really narrow in on things big and small that impacted your year.

For example, without sitting down and having this conversation, my husband and I might never have figured out that we were both annoyed at the coffee situation in our house. We never woke up at the same time so one of us would have no coffee or cold coffee, or we’d waste a lot of coffee, or one of us would be unhappy with how strong or weak the coffee was. We finally bought a Keurig and a reusable cup. Problem solved. Everyone is happy and well caffeinated.

This is just one small, mostly unimportant example. It’s also helped us problem solve bigger, deeper issues.

I love a simple, thought provoking question. Maxie McCoy published 25 questions for reflection for the new year, and I’ve loved having these questions to guide my thinking. I’m planning to revisit these questions every few months throughout the upcoming year. They’re great for helping me focus in on what actually matters.

18 for 2018 - This year I’m once again joining the Happier Podcast community in planning for the new year. Gretchen and Elizabeth are planning 18 goals for 2018, and making my list has been so much fun! My list contains everything from “be more adventurous” to “find a bra that doesn’t suck”, and I’m looking forward to using this fun tool to help accomplish my 2018 goals.

Do you set a new year’s resolution? What tools do you use to plan for a new year?


I started this website back in August as a way to focus my attention on writing. It’s a hobby I love, and having this blog has helped me dedicate more time and attention to actually sitting down and doing it. I’m unsure a blog is the best option for me, but I’m happy with how it’s going for now! I have plans to do things just a little differently in 2018.

I’ll send a newsletter and post favorites on a monthly basis, rather than weekly.

Monthly posts from the Introvert’s Book Club and quarterly-ish “what I learned” posts will remain the same, and I hope to write something else fun to share on a weekly basis.

I want to share more photos and recipes this year. It’s a goal to improve my skills in both areas!

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ve enjoyed the winter holidays, and have a great time ringing in 2018!

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