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Use an Ice Cube to Water Your Succulents - What I learned this Fall

December is here, and I’m surprised the fall has gone by so quickly. There’s no snow on the ground where I live yet, and the weather has been so nice I hardly believe it’s the holiday season, but it’s here! Fall is my favorite season, and this was a lovely one. At the end of each season I find it a good practice to look back on what I learned.

Canva offers printing services now.

Canva, a free online design site, now offers printing! I love Canva for everything from blog graphics to screen backgrounds to Christmas cards. It’s fun to be able to print something I’ve put lots of individual touches into. The printing options are still limited but I’m certain as it grows I’ll be taking full advantage of the great service. 

How to make Thanksgiving dinner.

This year we cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, and I am very happy to report it turned out great! The timing of everything is the most difficult part, but we managed to get everything on the table and enjoyed a great meal with my mother and father-in-law. Thanks to my mom, grandma and co-workers for the advice that helped me make this meal a success.

I'm pretty fit, but not defiantly fit.

This fall a friend and I took an early morning strength, cardio and core fitness class together on Thursdays. Our coach also teaches a Friday morning class called Defiantly Fit. At the beginning of the year we thought “Let’s see how this goes, and maybe we can add the Friday class next year.” We love the class and are glad we’re doing it, but it pushes us to the limit every week. We both agree we’re not ready to be defiantly fit quite yet.

A super simple hack for watering your succulents.

I went to Plant Nite with a friend earlier this week, and the host of the event shared a brilliant hack I can’t believe I never thought of. To water your succulents, put one ice cube per plant in the pot and walk away. The ice cube will melt, providing your plant with all the water it needs. Succulents need lots of sunlight and very little water, so an ice cube is the perfect amount. I love this hack, and already put it to use.

I hope you enjoyed fall, and have lots to look forward to this winter!

Questions: What did you learn this fall? Did you enjoy the season? Do you look forward to winter, or do you hope it passes quickly so we can get to spring?

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