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What Keeps Your Sanity Intact?

After a completely perfect weekend celebrating a friend’s wedding and a day home from work with a fever, I’m finally back at it. I’m sorry for being absent! But I’m back, if a little scattered. 

It’s this scatter-brained melancholy I want to talk about today. Playing catch up is especially hard this week while my husband is pulling long hours. And the short days mean our dog is a monster as he doesn’t like the dark much. I’m feeling behind and overwhelmed for no reason. It’s self imposed worry, and I want to share the little things that are reminding me to stay focused and helping me stay sane instead of spinning into full hot mess mode. 

Things that are saving my sanity this week include:

Getting outside at lunch. 

I need daylight and fresh air to maintain my mental health, and Minnesota at this time of year is dark. It’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home, so I am taking full advantage of the beautiful place I work that is perfect for lunch time wandering, even when it’s cold. 

Warm feet

I’ve started sleeping with my heating pad on my feet. This is a feeling of luxury that seems almost silly for how simple it is. I generally like to be cool when I sleep, but I hate having cold feet. I’ve found the solution! 


I can say with certainly we’d be ordering pizza or getting take out every night this week without HelloFresh. Instead, we’re cooking together and eating healthfully, which means we’re feeling better too. 


Specifically, following the kids from StrangerThings. This was one of my better life choices. They're hilarious and I couldn't admire them more for being SO DANG GREAT on that show. I also just get tons of happiness from beautiful photos and funny comics, which is why Instagram is my absolute favorite. 

Crunchy stuff to step on

Where I live we’re in the sweet spot time of year where there are crunchy leaves and thin sheets of ice on the sidewalks. That means lots of options to step on things that give a satisfying crunch. I can’t be the only person who gets an assured happiness boost from this, right?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed this week, identify a few little things that feel like life savers. It makes everything easier and helps refocus your day on gratitude. 

Questions: What keeps you sane when you’re busy? Do you have any small practices that bring you great joy?

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