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Day dreamer questions that tell us a lot

One Saturday night earlier this fall a friend came to stay for the night. I LOVE having friends stay at our house. It's a joy to have time with them where we don't have to be anywhere or do anything. We can just chat. 

I enjoy cooking, and love to make dinner for friends and family. As my friend and I were chatting I was making dinner, and she asked, "If you had tons of money what would you pay for that you wouldn't now?" It was a day dreamy question that sparked a really fun and insightful discussion.

She asked because her answer was paying a personal chef, which she thought most people would want. But there I was having the time of my life cooking dinner and chatting. It was pretty obvious I likely wouldn't pay for a chef. What would I do?

If all were right in the world and everything and everyone else we're taken care of and I still had money to spend, I wouldn't hire a chef. I would hire a driver - I hate driving. It would be fun to have a personal trainer who made sure I was working out enough and doing everything correctly. Maybe I'd have my groceries delivered. But I'd be so sad if I couldn't cook. 

I've had discussions like this before, but this time it made me realize the answer to the question is a huge clue as to what I can do to be helpful to those I care about. In the future if my friend is going through an overwhelming time in her life, I'll cook her meals to pop in the oven. 

My husband does this for me without my having realized it. There are times he'll drive me someplace and go see a friend or see a movie on his own while I'm at a meeting or at an appointment because he knows how much I dislike to drive. 

It's funny how a simple question asked to spark conversation can offer so much insight into knowing someone better. Ask your friends what they'd pay to not have to do. Then, if possible, do that thing for them when they need a boost. Helping a friend will make you happier, too. 

Questions: If you had tons of money what would you pay for that you wouldn't now? What other day dreamer questions can give us new insights?

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