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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! If you’re in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, happy long weekend! After a lovely day of turkey, coffee and pumpkin pie, we’re taking it slow today. Maybe we’ll use the rest of the weekend to decorate for the holidays, or address Christmas cards. It’s nice to have a weekend with no plans. This week I wanted to share a few articles I’ve enjoyed I between Thanksgiving prep.

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Television Flashback

What each friends character taught me - I love a good Friends analysis. I’ve watched this series a million times and will discuss it with anyone who is willing to hear me out about my unpopular opinion about Ross and Rachel. This article on what each of the main characters reaches us is lighthearted and sweet. I especially liked the less obvious lesson from Monica. Monica is right - if we’re the best at something we should own it. Go you! Go me!

An Option For Working Off the Turkey

10 easy hikes with big rewards - I love to hike! I’m definitely a “beginner” hiker, and what I consider a hike a serious hiker might consider a nice walk. This list from National Geographic suggests hikes that are on the easier side that still offer spectacular views. Sign me up for every single one! However, if I had to choose right now, I’d probably take off for Italy.


This is what happened when I scheduled time to procrastinate - Spoiler alert: the author ended up staking short breaks throughout his work day, not procrastinating, but still his journey through discovering how to stop wasting time was interesting. I appreciated the research into different types of procrastination (I’m a “do unimportant things to procrastinate important things” type of person) and the conclusion that sometimes a short break to refocus can make us more productive overall.

That's it for today, friends. Thanks for stopping by. Happy weekend!

Non-yoga lessons from yoga class

Happy Thanksgiving!