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Reading Slumps (And a Readerly Confession)

We are halfway through November and I have only finished one book so far this month. Just one. I think it is safe to say that I am in a reading slump. It’s terrible, and I think there’s only one way out.

The only way to get out of a reading slump is to read something you actually like.

Also, maybe an added bonus would be something that you like and that you can finish in a fairly timely manner to give you a boost. Or maybe re-read an old favorite. But mostly make sure it’s something you actually like.

I have a readerly confession. I’m stuck in the middle of a book I don’t like. It’s Origin by Dan Brown.

I usually really like Dan Brown books, especially the ones featuring Robert Langdon, but this one is a slog for me. It’s hard to dislike books by an author you typically love. To me, it feels like I’m breaking some sort of rule or committing some sort of betrayal. I realize this is silly, but it explains why I’ve been reading this book for over a month when I flew through Brown’s last book in two days.

I hate being in a reading slump. It means my TBR shelf is becoming an overwhelming stack, I’m watching way too much TV, and I’m aimlessly scrolling through social media instead of curling up with a book. I’m not saying I’ll never finish Origins, but I think I’ll pick up something else to read tonight. If you’re in a slump, I think you should do so to!  

Questions: Have you ever been in a reading slump? Do you dislike any books by a favorite author? Do you finish every book you start, or are you okay if tossing a book to the side if you’re not enjoying it?

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