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Friday Favorites

Welcome back to Friday, everyone! The best day of the week. After a very full and fun weekend last weekend, I have a whole two days to myself coming up and I can’t wait! Before the glorious relaxation starts, I want to send some favorites your way.

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Emotional labor - Several coworkers from all across the organization I work at have mentioned this article in the past several months, and I finally got my hands on it. My quick summary: women often get stuck being the project managers of their households, and that’s a ton of work, even if we’re not doing the “work” part of the work. Planning, researching, and being in change of follow up can be harder than executing. My husband read this too and found it valuable. This article gave words to a source disagreement that we could never quite grasp well enough to resolve.

Understanding yourself is important - More research is being done to prove what personality geeks have been saying all along! When we understand ourselves better, it makes us more socially intelligent. Through self awareness, we can better understand everyone else. I’ve found this to be very true in my life. Not everyone thinks like me, and assuming they do is unhelpful for all parties involved.

For example, my husband needs to stay hydrated and drink more water. He increased his water intake by 0% when I rattled off data and reasons that supported this goal. But when I ask him at the end of the day how many glasses of water he’s had, he’s been consistently drinking almost twice as much. He’s an Obliger. I’m a Questioner.

Bookish Insight:

This week when I needed some background listening to do while working on a spreadsheet, I rediscovered a wonderful episode of What Should I Read Next, where Anne talks to Gretchen Rubin about kid lit! It was perfect timing, as I want to read more kid lit this season.


I hope you have a productive Friday followed by an enjoyable weekend! Whatever your plans are, I hope on Sunday night you find yourself feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

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