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Friday Favorites

This week has been one of those strange ones where each day feels terribly long and tiring, but when all together the time has gone too fast. Time is a mysterious thing, and some weeks are just like this I know. I have a few quick favorites for you before I sign off for a busy weekend.

Friday Favorites 10.06.10.png

Books and Book Things:

Writing tips from Harlen Coben: This is a short but helpful list of writing tips. I always enjoy little snippets into writers’ lives. Every writer has different habits. It’s so interesting how all these brilliant minds work so differently. I’ve only read a few of Coben’s books, but each one has been completely absorbing and unputdownable. I can’t wait to read his latest, which should be in my hands by tomorrow afternoon.

Books about wellness to read this season: I’ve heard of only one of the books on this list (it’s Gretchen Rubin!), but added quite a few to my To Be Read list. These books range from personality to food to skin care to poetry. I think I’ll start with Rupi Kaur's new collection. I haven’t read much poetry, and the cover of this book is beautiful.


I love to subscribe to newsletters from different bloggers. Finding new thoughts in my inbox gives me such a boost. One of my long time favorites is Laura Vanderkam’s “Just A Minute” newsletter. She writes about time and productivity, and each month I’m left thinking about what she says for a few days. I always end up writing a few quotations down from this newsletter, too. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in making the most of their time.

Whatever this weekend holds for you, I hope it leaves you refreshed and ready for a new week come Monday morning. Enjoy!

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