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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I know I say this every month, but once again I’m stunned it’s the last Friday of the month. It’s November on Wednesday. The holiday season is right around the corner. It’s almost 2018! But, instead of living with my head in the future, I’m going to take what’s left of October day by day. That means sharing some of my favorite things from the week with you today.

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I love this list of compliments that don’t have to do with looks from the Huffington Post. It’s easy to compliment someone’s shoes or sweater or earrings or hair, but it’s so much more meaningful to compliment someone for what they do that makes a difference.

13 reasons why being married to another introvert is amazing - As an introvert married to another introvert, it was fun to find this list while scrolling through twitter. It was even more fun as I found it yesterday, on our four year anniversary! I agreed with most everything on this list. I love the extroverts in my life dearly, but it works well for me to have another introvert by my side for the long hall.

TED Talk:

Lollipop Moments - This talk from TEDx Toronto is only six minutes long, but a lot of funny and inspiration is packed in here. A coworker who is in the (very very) early morning exercise class I take on Thursdays suggested a friend and I watch this yesterday after a particularity exhausting workout, and it was exactly the pick up I needed. This is a nice reminder to always be our best, because you never know what difference you might make, even when you’re absolutely not trying to.

What’s on your agenda for the last weekend of the month? We’re headed up to the north shore for some hiking and a drink at our favorite brewery. TGIF!

Day Trip to the North Shore

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