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Tell Us One Interesting Fact about Yourself

I’m not great at the “tell everyone one interesting fact about yourself” game. I’m thankful that my day to day is pretty routine and ordinary. I also think we’re so used to ourselves we fail to notice what’s truly interesting because it’s just normal. But one thing that often surprises people about me is my pet tortoise. Usually the conversation goes, “Wait, you have a tortoise? Why?”

Today, I thought it might be fun to tell you about Bart.

 Nick with Bart the night we got him in 2010.

Nick with Bart the night we got him in 2010.

Back in college Nick, now my husband, went to college in the same town up north where his parents have a cabin. He decided to live at the cabin alone for a year, and it got lonely even for his introverted soul. He knew getting a dog wasn’t feasible for a 19 year old, and he hates cats, so somehow we decided on a tortoise.


Bartholomew - a.k.a. Bart - is a Russian tortoise. He’s about the size of an average cereal bowl, and he won’t get much bigger. We’re uncertain how old he was when we got him, but he’ll supposedly live about 70 years. We will likely have him forever.


Bart is the most low maintenance pet you could ask for. He eats lettuce and broccoli, gets a “tortoise soak” (we let him wade around in cool water in our laundry room sink) once a week, and in the summer we let him roam outside occasionally. There’s a big piece of driftwood in his tank he likes to push around, and he eats with surprising enthusiasm. Other than that, he doesn’t do much.


We have alfalfa pellets in his tank. They’re easy to clean, don’t smell, and only need to be changed out every couple months. He sits in our living room where we can see him as we come and go about the day. Once we let him out to roam around our basement, and when we went to put him back in his home a short while later he was nowhere to be found. We searched for over an hour before finding him in the pocket of a duffle bag that was stored in the corner of a closet!


Bart doesn’t do a whole lot, but I enjoy having him around. He’s a friendly, interesting presence in our happy home.

Questions: What’s an interesting fact you like to share about yourself? Have you ever had an unusual pet?

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