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Friday Favorites

I love Friday mornings. I wake up, pour my mug of coffee, and know I just need to concur one more day before I get to spend a day or two sleeping in! Even on weekends where there’s lots to do, it’s still nice to know I get to choose when and how I get everything accomplished. To start your Friday, I’ve got a few things I’ve been enjoying this week I want to share.

Friday Favorites 10.20.2017.png


If you were a fan of podcasts like S-Town on season one of Serial, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dirty John podcast. Dirty John is a six part series from the L.A. Times about a woman who escapes a terrible and deceptive relationship. It was spooky and intense and well done, and if you like podcasts that explore stories in an extensive and interesting way, I think you’ll like this.


I recently treated myself to a really nice pair of yoga pants, and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. I got the Salutation ⅞ Tight from Athleta, and I wear them for everything. They’re great for yoga and running, for Zumba and my intense circuit class, and around the house immediately when I get home from work. I have them in black and cassis, and I’d never take them off if I had the choice. I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for yoga pants!


We had this creamy cauliflower chowder from Two Peas and Their Pod for dinner earlier this week, and had the leftovers for lunches. YUM. This is such a delicious fall soup, and we’ll be making it again many times this season. It was easy to make, comforting but not too rich, and was just as good the next day as it was hot off the stove. I love a hot bowl of soup this time of year, even on these warmer days.

What are you hoping to accomplish this weekend? I have a few projects I want to work on, as well as my usual weekend activity of sipping hot coffee while reading with my dog at my side. Relax and enjoy!

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