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I really love HelloFresh

If you listen to any podcasts, go on any social media sites, or work in an office with busy people, you have probably heard about HelloFresh. If not, let me clue you in. HelloFresh is a meal service that delivers healthy, fresh, well portioned ingredients and recipes to your door. Everything you need is sitting at your door ready for you to cook. It sounds to good too be true. It’s magical. 


I was hesitant to try HelloFresh, but a coworker had a free first box to share so when she kindly offered it to me I thought “what the heck”. She loved the meals and her HelloFresh leftovers always looked delicious. 

I was skeptical as my husband and I picked out meals via the HelloFresh app. I didn’t really think I was the kind of person who needed meals delivered to my door. I don’t have kids, I like to cook, and I get a ton of joy from Sunday meal prep. Why did I need this? But I wasn’t going to say no to three free meals, so here goes nothing. 

Long story short, we decided after about two bites of our first HelloFresh meal that we loved it. The weekend before our box came we were busy, and not having to worry about when we were going to grocery shop and meal prep was... is life-changing too dramatic? It was life-changing. 

We don’t do HelloFresh every week. We usually do a box once a month based on when we both have busy weeks with lots of meetings and after work stuff. The HelloFresh app is great, and makes it easy to skip weeks and select meals when you want a box. The meals are unique, healthy enough, and always really flavorful. 

We order a box for two, which comes with meals for three nights. We usually get a lunch sized third meal out of each meal. We did the math and with a leftover meal, each meal in the box comes to just under $7. Cheap, healthy, and yummy! I can handle that. 


Each meal has a recipe card and the ingredients you need in a bag. The box has two big ice packs that keep everything fresh on your doorstep. All I have to do is chop and follow directions. Each meal takes about 30 minutes to come together. 


I still love my Sunday meal prep. I still am a person who loves to cook.  But it’s really great to have an easier option for busy weeks. HelloFresh saves time and effort without costing extra money or sacrificing nutrition. Again, it’s magical! 

Our top three favorite HelloFresh meals:

  • Winner winner chicken orzo dinner with cheesy roasted zucchini and tomatoes

  • Grilled cheese tacos with avocado, sweet potatoes and tomato salsa (this was a breakfast meal, but we added a scrambled egg and it made a delicious, filling dinner)

  • Turkey chiles rellenos with poblano peppers and chipolte sauce

Questions: Do you prefer to cook or eat out? Do you use HelloFresh or another similar product? Would you rather save time, effort or money? 

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